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Honey Jars

❤️Honey jars are used to make someone sweet to you who has gone sour or mean, and make them sweet for you once again. They are also great for strengthening an already existing bond!

❤️Honey jars can be used in all kinds of situations!

-Partners, Friends, Family, Bosses, Ex’s, Etc!

❤️The honey jar can also help initiate contact from your target and push them to develop sweeter feelings towards you.

❤️Results can happen immediately or can take up to a month (sometimes more) to be effective. Keep this in mind when purchasing the honey jar spell.

❤️Be OPEN and PATIENT! ❤️This jar can be placed on an altar, used as a decoration for any room, carried with you, used as a meditation/ manifestation piece and so much more!

❤️Sometimes honey jars crystallize (the honey hardens) don’t worry about this! Your jar is still effective and can be easily fixed by placing it in hot water until it is liquid again. :)

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