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1 hr Limpia — $150

Includes personalized ceremony.

Limpias for multiple family members, groups, and homes are available. Contact

How do Limpias work?

I work with the elements to support your limpia. I integrate platicas (a heart to heart conversation) in all sessions to support you in identifying your needs and to help guide your session. Limpias may be done at anytime to restore balance or when you’re experiencing life transitions and wish to set specific intentions for your journey. Limpias can assist in soul retrieval after or when you experience susto/shock, violence, heartbreak and sadness.

I work with sacred copal smoke, herbs, eggs, chile, feather smudging, gems and music. I bring in sacred copal smoke to strengthen the auric body, removing energy blockages and to support you in connecting to your inner light and fire. I occasionally use blankets to help comfort your inner child, acknowledging that the pain we hold sometimes comes from our childhood and the impacts of intergenerational trauma.

After the completion of the limpia, I’ll work with you to identify rituals that align with your ancestry and spiritual practices, to support you in developing a plan for you to continue this work at home. It also consists of a personalized herbal formula to support you physically, emotionally and spiritually after your ceremony. All of these rituals are done with respect and with your consent.

All limpias are done in-person in Sacramento or at your home if you reside in the Bay Area. I make house calls to locations outside of the ones listed with an additional travel cost.

I believe that you are the medicine to your own healing and I’d be honored to support you in your journey.✨✨✨✨

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