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Spiritual healing in Time Of Coronavirus . . .

As a spiritual healer , I’m proud that our community comes together in trying times , for the good of all. Let’s be thankful for that.

Simple rituals is practical magick, combining rituals with the mundane. Here are some practical rituals tips for keeping yourself, loved ones and community safe.

First stay home ,I know it’s not easy, this might be the easiest protocol for witches to follow. Me as a introvert we are comfortable with ourselves and not intimidated by the idea of spending time isolated from others.


I personally have cast a circle around my home and loved ones, called on Earth to absorb the virus and transform it into something harmless, i have used black salt , egg shells rituals and dressed candles .

Don’t forget to cleanse your home and spaces before, during, and after setting your ritual . The best information currently available is that plain bleach (the original, not any of the scented options), has the greatest efficacy for killing this virus. I wouldn’t recommend adding essential oils to bleach, as they have their own volatile qualities. However, you can still magick up your disinfectant solution with fresh herbs or dried. I have a profusion of mint from my garden and often add that to cleaning water. Lemon rind is also a favorite. Both have magickal properties of cleansing and purifying. And let’s be honest, a little luck never hurts so I toss in a few whole cloves. I also add sage as an offering to Goddess energy. You can add holy water or Florida water for clearing out negative energy make sure you add some water to your bleach . Maintaining my safe zones magically means regular, thoughtful practice. including recharging my intentions and the magickal energy I’ve called on. I like to do this by smudging with sacred herbs. Incense, herbs, and herbal or essential oil mists , if your wanting smudge sticks is where you can order. Whether you use sacred smoke or mist, light a candle, or simply ground and center, appeal to the energies of your choosing to hold your home and personal spaces to protect from illness and harm. I perform this ritual every day, just as often as I feel.

Your spirits or Ancestors

Ask your Spirits or Ancestors for protection and healing.


As spiritual healer, i know that we are connected to all living things through the universal life force. The energy we send out is the energy that multiplies. Resist generating unnecessary fear and doubt.Fully protect yourself from receiving its harmful effect, but also send healing to it.A seven day candle ritual would be good for this kind of magic, and the new moon would be an excellent time to begin it. If you would like a 7 day candle fixed we can make and ship to you for free.

Spiritual baths

If you do not feel good and want a energy boost and or a clearing of negative energy you can take a bath with herbs that will make you feel good and bring love happiness , money that’s also available at

Please feel free to share this , please wash your hands and stay healthy with herbs , if you have more questions feel free to email me 🙏🏼

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