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Try this exercise to foster your attitude of acceptance:

Sit down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Drop your shoulders. Breathe.

Envision yourself walking down a path in your favorite landscape in your favorite weather. Feel the breeze on your skin, the earth under your feet, and see the path leading you farther into nature. Imagine arriving at the edge of a still pond. On the surface of the water, what is reflected is the thing that you need to accept. Take some time to really look at that reflection. Don’t let your fears or assumptions creep in. Just acknowledge the facts. When it gets to the “hard” part, allow yourself to react (in your vision), how you’d like to. Scream, cry, laugh, throw fists full of stones into the water, say that speech you’ve practiced in the mirror a dozen times, stomp into the water with a vengeance and splash it into oblivion.

When you are done, look at the reflection again. It’s the same as it was before, except clearer. Take any of the pain or distress or worry you’re feeling and envision it leaving your body like steam, lifting away so that the load in your heart is lighter and the heaviness in your mind begins to melt. This steam gathers itself into a cloud that can be held in your hands like cotton candy. Take it and rip off a piece. Say, I release this energy back to the universe, and let it go. It floats into the water and disappears. Rip it up, piece by piece, until it is gone. The reflection now is also gone, and all you see is the pond.

When you are ready, turn back toward the path, and as you take the steps to return to your starting place, consider what this means now. Whatever the reality is, you are still you, and you are still on your life’s journey. As you approach the end of the path, take one last breath, and say farewell.

Before you continue on with your day, consider journaling how this exercise went for you. Write out the important things that crossed your mind when you allowed yourself to react, and how it felt when you let it go back to the universe. If you had any special realization on the way back, capture that idea, too.

Hopefully you can find acceptance and that it allows you to move forward with intent and purpose.

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