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HOLY BLEND Artisan Incense Sticks - Smudge Stick Incense

HOLY BLEND Artisan Incense Sticks - Smudge Stick Incense

Holy Blend combines frankincense, myrrh, copal, white sage and palo santo herbs and oils to create one incredible incense stick. Will clear your space of negative energy while bringing in positive energy and is perfect to use for any ritual, meditation or spell work. It's everything you need in 1 stick!

Frankincense - Sun energy, purification, spirituality
- Feminine energy, healing, attraction
Copal - Purification of self, crystals, altar tools and space
White Sage - Clearing, cleansing
Palo Santo - Brings in good energy

This listing is for 1 pack of 4 premium artisan incense. Hand made, hand rolled and hand packed

Only the finest herbs, resins and oils are used.

These incense are 2-3 times the thickness of conventional incense and last well over an hour (depending on room conditions)

*We are obligated to state that we make no promises as to the outcome of any of our metaphysical products. We sell the tools, YOU make the magic
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