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Weekday Ritual Service

Weekday Ritual Service

Weekday  Ritual Service, Protection , Road opener , Success, Money, Love and Attraction Rituals. This  is a Weekday Ritual service that I offer to boost your day.

Each day I will perform Candle Rituals till the end of September .   Service Ritual that you can join with us.

🌼Monday🌼 Protection ritual 

Removing and respelling any malevolent energy attached to you or directed toward you.
If you are afraid, if you possess that uneasy feeling that something is just not right, this protection ritual can help rebuild confidence while providing a psychic shield.

🌼Tuesday 🌼 Road Opener🌼

Opening roads and pathways to remove blockages and obstacles so that you can get and achieve what you want.

🌼Thursday🌼 Success and Abundance Candle Work 🌼

To draw luck and success in business dealings, increase income and attract abundance in business.

🌼Friday🌼 Money Ritual 🌼

To boost your finances, Increase your Wealth and Financial stability.

During this Ritual I will dressed your candle with my oils and herbs.
I will also inscribe your name and DOB on a taper candle with the correspond 
Herbs that come from my land. 

I'll burn the candle in your honor and ask my spirit guides , my Orishas and ancestors to bless you.

You can purchase the service for another person, though please note that you must purchase each person with their own listing.

Please leave your Name and Date of Birth upon purchase at check out. A photo is not necessary to perform this ritual ,however you are more than welcome to share photos if you wish. You will Receive Photo as a Proof of Your Spell within 24-30hrs 
Send me a message if you would like to book your appointment
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