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My Story As A Medium and Spiritual Women

My Spiritual journey

People have asked about my spiritual joirney , how my gifts as a channel for Source~God~Spirit~the Divine , came to be and how I became a medium and Spiritual women.

As a child at 11 years old , I was having spiritual experiences, yet, I did not recognize what they were because they frightened me so much, but also because I grew up in a traditional, Catholic family where I was never to talk about it and if I did they would not here me. I would see silhouettes of Spirits , dark shadows or hear things that were out of the ordinary such as footsteps and I would feel energy . When I was sleeping over at my uncles house , I would often feel the ‘presence’ of something or someone else in my room or intuitively ‘know’ that we weren’t alone. I would not say anything I was too afraid and confused. Years later, when I came out with my spiritual gifts at around 35 , my brother confessed to me that he had ‘heard’ noises in the house as well, but convinced himself that it was the boiler making noises to get by. My Twin brother didn’t develop spiritual gifts, but he new I had a gift . I knew that I was not alone in my experiences as a child and I knew that I had not created these imagination. It was real.

Later on in my life I attract Spirits in the oddest of places, so my gifts never really disappeared, rather, they came to be stronger. In my 40 I had spiritual awakening and this is when I open my third eye and everything seem so clear to me , I embrace my journey and not run from it but to help others and love what I do 🙏🏼

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