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Rue - Organic

Rue is used to protect against the evil eye, break jinxes, cleanse, remove spiritual blocks to good health, remedy crossed love situations and help give you insight and wisdom about love.

Some ideas for magical uses:

Sprinkle Rue and Lemongrass around the home or property to cleanse and protect it.

Brew Rue into a "tea" and use as a cleansing bath.

Burn Rue, Agrimony, Benzoin and Frankincense on a charcoal to cleanse a home or smudge and purify a person.

Dress a Reversing or Double Action candle with Reversing oil on the black part and Blessing oil on the other color and roll it in Rue to send back a jinx to its source.

Carry a red flannel mojo bag with a pinch of Rue, a pinch of Sea Salt and a Devil's Shoe String to protect against the evil eye or hose who consciously wish you ill.

Burn Rue, Verbena and Benzoin on a charcoal to remove jinxes that are affecting health.

Place a pinch of Rue in your lover's shoe to keep him or her even in the face of competition.

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