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Spiritual baths

A Strong Spiritual Cleansing Bath Recipe

Yesterday I had done a spiritual cleaning on a women that needed help, what an eye opener there is so much negative in this world. Every day that we step foot out the front door and into the world, we are surrounded with numerous types of energies and we pick up and carry a lot of them around with us without even realizing it in most cases. Some are good, and some are bad.

I want to share with you one of my personal favorites when it comes to removing some really heavy messes. Enjoy, and if you try this recipe let me know what you think.

Ingredients You Will Need For This Bath:

Rosemary – For cleansing and drawing in blessings – You will need roughly 3-5 fresh basil leaves.

White sage – To clean and cleanse your spirit – You will need a few large pinches or one small handful of dried herb.

Cascarilla with Himalayan salt – For breaking powerful hexes, jinxes & crossed conditions

Holy water – Needs to be from a church. A few drops can be added to a gallon of regular tap water

One garlic clove - for negative energy

How To Blend This Spiritual Bath Mixture

With all of your ingredients gathered, place the Rosemary into the boiling water first. The rosemary goes in first because it sets the overall purpose and tone of the bath, to cleanse yourself of built-up negative energies and then draw in blessings in their place. Rosemary is an extremely versatile herb that can and often is, used in rootwork for a few different types of work.

As you are adding all of the ingredients, you should be praying throughout the whole process. This could either be a prayer from the heart in your own words, asking for the assistance of God, your ancestors, and spirit guides.

Your cleansing bath is now ready to be used. You can go ahead and either use the bath right away, or you can bottle it up and store it away for later.

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