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Spiritual Services

Hello my family

I have updates to share with you.

I’ve added more spiritual services on my calendar link.

*Spiritual House cleansing ritual

To cleanse and bless the energy of a space. For homes, apartments and businesses.

*Spiritual Mentorship and coaching Sessions

For people who are starting their spiritual practice and seeking guidance for their spiritual practice from another spiritual practitioner (mentor). This is for individuals that want to offer their spiritual gifts/services to others.

*Mediumship Taro Session

Connect with a deceased loved one and receive their messages.

All the information on all of my services is on my calendar link

I prefer to meet by zoom or phone. Though in person sessions are still an option. Please know I may request proof of vaccination especially for in person sessions.

I am also open to exchanging services and goods. If this is something you’re interested in please email me or send me a message first before making an appointment.

Thank you for trusting in me and for allowing me to help you with your spiritual journey.

If you have any questions at all please message me here or by email:

Bless it Be,


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