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Using Taro to help others

“I had all kinds of fears about coming out as a tarot card reader, “What would people think and say? I’ve been reading taro for myself for 7 years and came out to help others 3 years ago to help friends and family. As a spiritual healer I use taro to connect with spirit. There are 78 cards in a tarot deck. There are four suits (just like playing cards, except the suits are wands, swords, pentacles, and cups; this is referred to as the Minor Arcana) and then there's the Major Arcana, which are cards that are labelled things like The Fool, The Lovers, Death, and The Sun. In a tarot reading, the cards that are pulled and the way they are spread out will create a unique message that i will interpret. When I do a reading,

I set up my desk with whatever cards and crystals I'm using that day, and then I do a meditation in order to be as grounded as possible, because often a lot of heavy emotional stuff will come up in readings. I need to be sure that I don't take on the emotional energy of others. They can ask me questions and tell me as much or as little as they'd like. Some people come with a list of questions and others just want to see what comes up. I shuffle the cards and lay them out and one by one I turn them over. Each card has its own meaning, but the real story happens when you see how the cards interact. Some times spirits connect with me with a message. My ultimate goal with every reading is to make sure the client feels some sense of hope, purpose, or some clarity. The cards may not necessarily say what they want to hear, but at least they can leave with a plan or a direction. Book your appointment with me 🙏🏼

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